Our Mission

To listen to the needs of our clients and collaborate in achieving their vision while contributing to their financial success.

Our Vision

To be the recognized commercial mortgage firm known for its professionalism, the quality of its advice, and its expertise in multi-unit, commercial, and industrial financing. To become a trusted business partner for our clients and peers, acknowledged as the benchmark in the mortgage market.

Our Values

1- Integrity: We are committed to acting with honesty, transparency, and ethics in all our interactions with clients, partners, and employees.
2- Excellence: We aspire to excellence in everything we do, emphasizing the quality of services, the competence of our team, and continuous innovation in our field.
3- Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration, whether with our investors, stakeholders or within our team. Together, we can achieve exceptional results.

By committing to act with integrity and transparency, we ensure that customers have all the information to make an informed choice. We provide the necessary planning tools to select the mortgage that best meets the client's needs.

The credibility of our clients vis-à-vis our lenders is at the heart of our concerns.

CMHC Correspondent

Commercial Multi-Prêts - Elite Team has an enviable reputation on the market. Our team has earned the recognition of several lenders by appointing us CMHC correspondents on their behalf. Thus, we can present your file to CMHC without an intermediary. We thus ensure the speed and credibility of our clientele files.

Why Choose Us?

You will only have one chance to make a great impression and our team will make sure to present your project in the best light.

Before going to a commercial banker, it is important to make sure that your project is complete and credible. Therefore, we take the necessary time, with you, to ensure that your project will meet all the winning conditions to guarantee its success. Our commercial mortgage brokers as well as our specialized analysts are experienced and able to ensure the credibility of your project with financial institutions.

Are you confident that your banker will present you with the best financing terms available? The interest rate is not the only financing condition to be negotiated. Also important are acceptance fees, annual review fees, amortization, percentage of funding, personal bonds, and many other conditions. Our in-depth knowledge of negotiation levers will allow us to obtain a financing offer based on your needs and expectations.

Depending on the type of project, the niche in which your business operates and, above all, your needs, it’s important to know to whom you’ll have to submit your funding request. Our knowledge of lenders allows us to put you in touch with specialists depending on your project and your niche of activities. Knowing an account manager is the first step but knowing the right account manager is one of the perks of your mortgage broker.