Land Financing

Funding for the purchase and development of land is increasingly difficult to find from conventional bankers.

Your commercial mortgage broker can offer you flexible financing solutions tailored to your development needs. His expertise in land loans will allow him/her to quickly obtain a tailor-made financing offer to help you realize your projects.

He’ll be able to obtain financing up to:

  • Up to 75% of the purchase cost and infrastructure in the case of a single phase
  • Up to 65% of the purchase cost and infrastructure in the case of multiple phases
  • Financing up to 75% of the cost of bulk land if short-term development is planned

To achieve the least restrictive conditions, the projects must be built in the greater Montreal area or near Quebec City.


Your mortgage broker

Your mortgage broker will be your ally in order to obtain:

  • The highest percentage of financing to reduce your down payment
  • The longest amortization to reduce the impact on your cash-flow
  • The lowest possible application fees
  • Negotiating the best financing conditions on the market