Equipment and Rolling Stock Financing

Do you wish to acquire new equipment? Need to modernize your truck fleet? Do you want to keep your edge over your competitors by modernizing your production equipment?  Equipment and rolling stock financing will be your solution.

This type of financing will come in two forms, either the term loan or the credit leasing.

Term Loan

This vehicle will allow you to purchase, install or modernize your equipment. This is a relatively affordable method of financing depending on the risk incurred by the financial institution. The terms will be as follows:

  • Amortization can go up to 10 years
  • Percentage of funding can reach 100%
  • Choice of a fixed or variable rate

Since banks do not display the interest rates for this type of financing, it becomes essential to use the services of your mortgage broker.

Credit Leasing

Several financial institutions offer this service, but it’s important to be familiar with their specialization.

Credit leasing is a cost-effective way to finance the equipment you need. This type of financing is common for the following equipment:

  • Medical equipment
  • Building material
  • Commercial air transport
  • Office equipment
  • And for many other business sectors

Credit leasing allows you to acquire equipment while preserving your working capital. From then on, it will simplify your budget exercise.

Credit easing represents an interesting tax benefit. Indeed, lease repayments may be deductible from taxable income. The after-tax cost of the leased equipment may be more beneficial to you than other financing solutions.

Finally, credit leasing will allow you to help you manage the obsolescence of equipment and thus remain at the cutting edge of technology.



Your mortgage broker

Your mortgage broker will be your ally in order to obtain:

  • The highest percentage of financing to reduce your down payment
  • The longest amortization to reduce the impact on your cash-flow
  • The lowest possible application fees
  • Negotiating the best financing conditions on the market