Claude Fugère
Commercial Mortgage Broker

Holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from UQTR, Claude Fugère has several years of experience in banking services and, more specifically, in commercial and residential mortgage financing. His professional background has also enabled him to assist various companies with their human resource needs, whether it be employee assistance programs, international mobility support or contingency plans. This business-to-business (B2B) experience has proved to be most enriching, which allows Claude to better understand the complex and different needs of organizations, depending on their structure and size.

Claude shows perseverance and enjoys taking on challenges, taking great pride in finding various solutions for his customers. He doesn’t hesitate to establish new contacts with lenders to develop new markets.

Owner of a tourist residence for nearly 10 years, Claude understands the difficulties that some investors can have when the time comes to finance a rental chalet. Over the past few years, therefore, he has established solid business relationships with his financial partners to obtain more financing at the best conditions. If a situation does not allow him to finance the project immediately, Claude can advise his client on the measures to be taken to facilitate obtaining his financing and establish a strategy for the future.

An active member of “BNI Laval Affaires Plus” for more than 10 years, Claude can share with you all the wealth of a solid network of contacts made up of seasoned experts, all committed to providing quality services to his customers.

Licences and Distinctions

Mortgage broker – Mortgage Brokerage License issued by the “Autorité des Marchés Financiers”: License number – 3001924295

Contact details to reach Mr. Claude Fugère

Telephone : (514) 712-1232

Email : [email protected]