Frédéric Brodeur
Commercial Mortgage Broker

Having discovered at an early age a marked interest in finance, figures and client advice, Frédéric Brodeur is a highly qualified professional who will know how to identify your needs and support you in achieving your goals.

Holder of a bachelor's degree in business administration (B.A.A.), with a specialization in market finance, Frédéric Brodeur began his career in 2017 at TD Bank while completing his market studies, before pursuing his career as Director of Financial Services at the Bank of Montreal. He briefly made the leap into the field of active stock market trading in 2018-2019, before continuing his career at National Bank. For nearly 5 years, Frédéric rose through the ranks within the Financial Markets division, first as an operations analyst, then in risk management and finally as a senior operational risk advisor. Rigorous, dynamic and professional, Frédéric Brodeur is focused on achieving results while providing impeccable service to his clients.

Frédéric joined Commercial Multi-Prêts - Elite Team in 2023 with the main motivation of supporting his clients through his dedication and attentiveness. Helping his clients achieve their projects is his greatest source of motivation.

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