Simon Dauphinais
Commercial Mortgage Broker

Having served as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces for 20 years and holding a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree and a certificate in urban and real estate management, Simon Dauphinais has acquired extensive expertise in administrative management and organizational planning. Through his awareness, discipline, and rigor, he has honed his leadership, sense of responsibility, and effectiveness, enabling him to exceed expectations in strategic planning and the execution of multiple tasks.

His two primary areas of interest are real estate and project management. These areas contribute to his motivation, professional development, community involvement, and the fulfillment of an unconventional professional journey. As a passionate entrepreneur and owner of several rental properties, he continues to progress through his determination, vision, and satisfaction in accomplishing his duties.

Simon Dauphinais joined our team in May 2023. He's now a commercial mortgage broker, driven by his desire to innovate, perform, and become one of the leaders of tomorrow in the field of commercial mortgage brokerage.

Contact details to reach Mr. Simon Dauphinais

Telephone : (438) 995-7296
Email : [email protected]